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Wednesday 1/7
Fragrance Free classroom

• Post Bio
• Start reading Death and the Maiden
• Purchase books for the quarter
• Download FirstClass here

• Attend class Thur evening 5:30-9:30

Sun 1/11 by 6PM
Read Ariel Dorfman's Death and the Maiden and its afterword at least twice.
Answer Study Questions online in SQ folder
Discussion questions for seminar folder

** Discussions should begin by Friday, Saturday at the latest, so there's time for others to respond, for you to respond to their responses, etc. Discussion needs to be all tied up by Sunday evening.


Thursday 1/15

Pls remember: Fragrance Free classroom

• see: full assignment description
• rd: Mill, Utilitarianism
• rd: Kant, Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals
• rd: Elliot & Lamm, "Moral Code for a Finite World"
• wt: SQs for Mill
• wt: SQs for Kant
• wt: SQs for Elliott & Lamm

• wt: seminar paper

Sunday 1/18
Read What Science Is: prologue, Chps 1-5

-What Science Is SQs

-What Science Is DQs

writing assgmt

Writing Assignment Due Monday, January 19th by 1PM
Click Here


Thur 1/22

Read chapters 6-10

What Is Science II SQs online

-What Is Science II DQs: Bring to class


Sunday 1/25

Miss Evers' Boys

SQs: online due by Saturday at midnight

DQs due online by Saturday at midnight

Writing assignment due on Sunday January 25th at midnight
Click here. Due Sunday at midnight


Thur - 1/29

• assignment details here
• SQs for HR documents
• DQs for HR documents

Download, print and bring to class:
• Jenner consent form
• Jenner Ethics Review Application

Sunday 2/1

Reading Assignment: Derry Chp 11
What Science Is III SQs

Online articles:
1. P-I article on pesticide testing
2. Medline article on pesticide testing
3.The Scientist article on pesticide testing
and for some history
4. PANUPS article on pesticide testing

pesticide toxicity testing DQ

For Sunday :Due by 8PM: Self Evaluations:click here


Thur 2/5

•The Elephant Man by Bernard Pomerance
•Seminar Paper

•Bring HR documents to class

Sunday 2/8

•Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
•Chapters 1-5, 10, 11, 14, 16, 17
•SQs - Get it while it's hot!
•Human pesticide studies DQ



Thur 2/12
•Rd: preface, Intro, & chapter 1 of Environmentally Induced Illness (90pp)
•full assignment for Thursday

Sunday 2/15
•Rd: chp 2 of EII
•DQs for chp 2 of EII
Writing assignment, click here

VII Thur 2/19
•Rd: chp 3 of EII
•DQs for chp 3 of EII

Sunday 2/22
•Rd "Fear in the Fields" series
•DQs for "Fear in the Fields"

Thur 2/26
•Rd chp 4 and conclusion of EII
•wt: EII for Dummies
•in class: Bill Moyers video

Sunday 2/29
IX Thur 3/4
•seminar paper

Sunday 3/7
Click here for assignment. Please remember:Commennts on writing groups should be completed by tonight.Full paper due next Saturday.


Thur 3/11
•Rd: Enemy of the People
Click here for assignment

Continue rewriting paper anand submitting to your group for help.

Sunday 3/14
•final paper due
XI Thur 3/18
• fishbowl seminars
Sunday 3/21
March ?? - ?? 

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