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Writing Assignment for Monday Jan 17




A thesis paragraph is the paragraph in a longer paper in which you would state the case you intend to make throughout the remainder of the paper. In order to successfully write a thesis paragraph, you must do several things:

a. arrive at a thesis: a case or argument you plan to prove in the paper

  • It must be arguable and not non-debatabe
  • It must be found (for the purposes of critical writing) within the works being studied and referenced in the paper. In other words, the paper is to deal with the works and not ideas that go beyond the works into the rest of the world.

b. State the thesis in a sentence (or two if you need to) which clearly tells the reader the argument you will make.

c. For the purposes of this exercise, you will write only the thesis paragraph and not the rest of the thesis paper that might follow.

    Assignment for Monday


Choose one of the following and write a thesis paragraph and post in the 1st paragraph folder in FirstClass:

1. Compare or contrast one major similarity or difference and come to a claim conerning Mill and Kant's theory of morality.


2. What would Kant or Mill say about Paulina or Gerardo's moral position in Death of a Maiden. (Use one philospher and choose one character only).


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