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Sysnthesis Paper:

A Two Page Paper in which you compare and/or relate several works



The paper will be a synthesis paper - that means you will be connecting several of the readings you have done over the quarter in a formal, thesis paper of no more than two pages. The limit of the paper demands that you find a single thesis which links (either compares, contrasts, or in some way ties together) three of the works from at least two separate disciplines of the course. (The disciplines we have integrated in the 'Choices' course are philosophy, drama and scienceand literature and so you must find three readings which cross at least two of these disciplines). We will be working in class to arrive at potential thesis statements and then you will be writing a first thesis, reworking that thesis, writing a rough draft, commenting to each other, and rewriting a final paper which you will hand in for a grade. This is a process and the process will be counted as heavily as will the final paper itself. You may use books we have read and discussed as well as those in the course curriculum but not yet assigned.


Drama : Death and the Maiden , Miss Evers'Boys, The Elephant Man , Enemy of the People
Philosophy: Mill, Kant, Elliot and Kerns : Chapters 2.3.4 (may be used for either science or philosophy)Derry Chapter 11 (either Derry for science or philosophy), HR Documents
Science: What is Science(Use either for science or philosophy), Carson: Silent Spring, Kerns: EI: Chapter One (Data)
Literature: A Civil Action


Here is our proposed timetable:

Thesis worked on in class: evening of 2/10 and at home

Thesis assigned and submitted to writing groups: Saturday 2/12

Comments by Tuesday 2/15

Rewritten thesis and paragraph one by Saturday 2/19

Comments by Tuesday 2/22

First Draft by Tuesday 3/1

Comments by Saturday 3/5

Final Paper (rewrite) by Saturday 3/12

How to make comments on other's papers - Click here.


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