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Writing Assignment





Be sure to read all the papers in your assigned reading groups no later than Saturday evening so that your group can get to work on their rewrites and keep submitting to the group for suggestions. Tom, Brian and Diane will read each first draft once and then you need to rely on each other.


What should you look for in the papers you are reading?

  • a clearly stated thesis in the thesis paragraph (paraagraph one).
  • explanations of terms or phrases which are unclear in the thesis
  • logical transitions to each paragraph showing how the reader should get to the next paragraph and why. How does this next paragraph tie in to the thesis (RELATE OR REMOVE)
  • Quotes or supporting evidence with correct citation form
  • Lead ins to quotes showing the reader who is speaking and in what context
  • Explications of quotes: an explanation of what the quote is actually saying and how it relates to the point of the paragraph and to the thesis.
  • At least one paragraph for each book mentioned in the thesis.
  • At least one paragraph summing up the proof you have given and reasserting how you have proven the thesis you stated in paragraph one.
  • Correct spelling and punctuation throughout the paper

Look at the way Tom, Diane and Brian have put their comments in papers if you need a model. Your comments will be of great help to your group. And they are REQUIRED.

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