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Study Questions
for Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

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    1. What kind of molecule is DDT and what is it that makes these molecules (not just DDT) toxic?
    2. What are the other major groups of pesticides described by Carson in chapter 3 and what are their basic properties (structure, function, behavior, etc)?
    3. Chapters 4 and 5 introduce the problems associated with pesticides in water and soil, respectively. What are some of similarities and differences she describes when comparing these problems in water and soil?
    4. How does the Gypsy Moth example in Chapter 10 describe the abuse and mismanagement of pesticides? Give some specifics in your answer.
    5. Using chapters 11, 14 and 16, describe three ways (one from each chapter) the government agencies were neglectful in ensuring the public of a chemical-safe environment.
    6. What are three alternatives to pesticides as described by Carson in chapter 17?

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