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What Science Is and How it Works

Discussion Questions Section 2

These questions are NOT to be posted but only to be used as a supplement for the in-class seminar on Thursday, January 20. Please bring these questions to class.

1. Why do you think its important for science to have values and ethics? Can you think of any example where a lack or absence of values and ethics in science has been problematic?

2. Can you think of any other examples of pseudoscience not mentioned in Derry's book? Explain what criteria you used to identify your pseudoscience example.

3. Scientific concepts are often divided into different classifications (hypothesis, theory, law) such as the Theory of Plate Tectonics, and the Laws of Thermodynamics. After reading chapter 14, what do you think these classifications mean? What problems are involved in classifying scientific concepts?

4. In thinking about chapter 15, can you think of any examples happening today where the objective premise of science has been influenced by culture, socialism or politics? Describe such a case and explain your reasoning.

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