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Assignment for chapter 3 of Environmentally Induced Illness




  • The reading assignment for Thursday is to read Chapter 3 of Environmentally Induced Illness: Ethics, Risk Assessment and Human Rights
  • The writing assignment is to write a one page seminar paper on an idea or theme in chapter three that you consider to be important or significant in some way. Your paper should include three things:
    1. a statement of what the idea is, along with quotations (with correct citations) indicating what the author says about that idea
    2. what you think the author means by that idea, and
    3. what your own thoughts are about that idea


This is to be a regular paper, though, and not just a listing of those three items (as the assignment asked you to do with chapters 1 and 2). It should be the equivalent of approximately one typed page only, no longer.

Further clarification: This assignment is a variation on the thesis assignments you have had so far. In this essay you are to choose one major idea from Chapter 3, find a passage or two which express(es) this idea, include the quoted portion(s) in your paper, explain what it means, why it is significant and what your response to it is. This should be done in either one or two paragraphs and should not exceed one typed page in length.

Please post this paper to your seminar folder before class time. The sooner these are posted to your seminar folder the more likely that people will respond to them.


Please also print and bring this paper to class on Thursday for use in your seminar.

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