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Study Questions for

Miss Evers' Boys




1. Feldshuh describes his play as two plays: the chronological play and the Testimony play (91). Explain.

2. What does Ms. Evers' opening recitation of the nurse's pledge do for the story?

3. In scene I, the men appear to be wary of participating in a government study. Why?

4. What was Ms. Evers' initial reason for participating in the study?

5. What was the full name of the study and what was it intended to examine?

6. Were the men unable to understand the course of their illness and treatment? Explain your answer.

7. What argument does Dr. Douglas use with Dr Brodus to allow the study to continue (page 40)?

8. What was the reason that syphilis was not considered worthy of government research funds?

9. In scene 6, what is Ms. Evers' objection to the proposed study? How is it overcome by both doctors?

10. Why didn't the "boys" receive penicillin when it became available? How did Dr. Douglas defend his refusal to allow government patients to receive penicillin?

11. Brodus uses whose moral code, Mill's or Kant's, to justify his own actions. (page 76) Explain.

12. Why isn't the study terminated even when the results are absolutely clear ?(page 81)

13. What is Brodus' answer when he is accused of not helping his own race? I there any validity to his position?(page 88)

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