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Discussion Question on
Pesticide Toxicity Studies Using Human Subjects



In the past we have chosen to give you specific questions in the discussion area which we formulated to guide the discussion in class for seminars. For this assignment, we are choosing to ask you to write a short thesis paper which will focus your thoughts on the issues raised in the readings for this week:

First read these four assigned articles on proposed pesticide toxicity studies using human subjects.

Write a short essay with a thesis in which you discuss these proposed human toxicity studies in light of the readings for earlier this week (the articles above, The Nuremberg Code, the WHO/CIOMS Guidelines, and/or the UDHR). You need not include all of the readings in your discusion but be sure the essay has a thesis derived from the reading that you can support as you apply it to the topic in discussion.

The National Academy of Sciences committee discussing this question may choose to simply allow the experiments, or to categorically disallow the experiments, or to allow the experiments only under certain conditions.

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