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Environmentally Induced Illness for Dummies


Your writing assignment for this next reading, after you’ve read EII chapter 4, is to write a very short version of a paper you can title a) Cliff Notes for EII; or b) Environmentally Induced Illness for Dummies; or c) EII: The Executive Summary; or some title like that. You can adopt whatever tone and style you would like with this paper – serious, humorous, dramatic, persuading, as if talking down to someone, as if addressing a legislator, etc etc – but it is important that your descriptions be accurate.

The idea of this assignment is that it be something you could later hand or email to friends or family people or co-workers when you want to give them a short but accurate description of what this book is about. So that means your paper will not be about you think of the book -- i.e., it will not be an opinion piece or an editorial -- but is instead to be a summary of the main stuff in the book.

The idea is that your paper be clear and accurate, and that it also be readable by people to whom you would give it.

Your paper could be as short as 1 page, and definitely no longer than 2 pages.

The paper will be graded more for content than for writing style, so it is important that your paper be accurate and clear.

The paper is due before Tuesday at class time.

Please post these papers into your seminar folder. The earlier you post your paper the more online responses you are likely to receive. Then please print your paper and bring it to class to help in your seminar discussion.

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